Pebble Tec - Northwest Pools

Pebble Tec® brand pool finishes deliver natural elegance and long-lasting beauty. This original pebble finish is made up of naturally polished pebbles creating a slightly bumpy texture with a non-slip surface. Its unique characteristics allow a pool to blend with landscaping and water features creating the most natural environment imaginable.
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Pebble Sheen - Northwest Pools

Pebble Sheen® brand pool finishes combine the natural beauty and durability of Pebble Tec with smaller pebbles to create the look of rich granite. This interior finish is slightly buffed to incorporate a luxuriously refined feel with dramatic and stylish ambiance. Its visual presentation is one of a kind and absolutely brillant.
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Pebble Fina - Northwest Pools

Pebble Fina® brand pool finishes unite old world elements with new world technology producing a classic look with 21st century durability. Reintroducing silica and other natural materials reinforces the durability of the finish. Stunning aggregates, seashells and exotic materials enrich the colo pallet with sparkling elegance and exceptional beauty.
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Fujiwa Tile - Northwest Pools

Fujiwa Tile is a leading importer and national wholesale distributor of high quality tile and granite coping along with decking for swimming pool, spa and outdoor construction as well as renovations. Since its establishment in 1984, Fujiwa Tile became a leading supplier of world's finest pool tile from basic to exquisite designs backed by its 22 years of technological knowledge and profound experience.
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Noble Tile - Northwest Pools

Noble Tile has over 20 years of providing the pool industry with superior service and products. Since 1987 Noble Tile Supply has been distributing swimming pool tile and many other pool and spa construction materials.
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